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Asher Student Foundation


Asher, D.C. is such a wonderful gift! It has provided me a home where a principled, peaceful way of life is accepted and supported by everyone . . . I’m so grateful to know Asher Houses are all over the country, offering Christian Science students lovely, affordable homes with welcoming, spiritual atmospheres. – Asher House, D.C. Alum

House Legacy Program

Asher Student Foundation (ASF) offers residential housing at seven active Asher Houses around the country for students of all ages. Asher Houses are spacious, beautiful homes built on metaphysical foundations. The diversity, energy, and camaraderie that develop in each house create a unique living environment that facilitates dynamic interaction among Christian Scientists from all over the country and world.

Recent college/university graduates launching their post-graduate and life career paths are also welcome to live in Asher Houses up to two years through ASF’s CTI (School-to-Career Transition Initiative).

The Asher in Action community service initiative began in January 2017 and continues today as a core element of Asher House living. Asher students, House Managers, Local Advisory Council members, alumni, friends and family engage with local community members on projects and programs that support “home.”

Partners in Service/Supporting CS Organizations

ASF provides financial support to offset housing and other costs for Christian Science programs, including: DiscoveryBound’s National Leadership Council, Compass Program and Regional Outreach and National Events; Christian Science Camps; the Principia Upper School Junior Class trip to Boston and Bible trips to Greece and Israel; and Longyear Museum tours of Mrs. Eddy’s historic homes.

Brief History

This was a time in my life where I could have gone either way. I was very fortunate to have Asher guiding me into staying with Christian Science. I just look back and I’m so grateful for it all these years. – Ken Vallance, Founding Resident

Asher Student Foundation began in 1946, soon after the end of World War II. Eight veterans, all Christian Scientists, returned to Michigan State University (MSU) to complete their education, which had been interrupted by the war. They shared a desire to establish a peaceful, harmonious, and supportive homelike atmosphere on campus, and this goal brought them together in the home of Mrs. Beatrice Asher. The residence became known as “Asher House.” Soon other Christian Science MSU students were applying to live there as well.

In 1952, the decision was made to become a Michigan nonprofit corporation and to retain the Asher name. The founders felt strongly that Mary Baker Eddy’s definition of the biblical figure, Asher, accurately described their home:

“ASHER (Jacob’s son): Hope and faith; spiritual compensation; the ills of the flesh rebuked.”

With the backing and guidance of Asher Student Foundation’s national office, additional Asher Houses opened throughout the 1970s, ‘80s, ‘90s, ‘00s and into the 2020’s. Today, Asher Student Foundation supports seven houses across the country.


ASF’s main office is in San Francisco, California. There are seven active Asher Houses around the country: Boston, Massachusetts; Boulder, Colorado; Los Angeles, California; New York City, New York; Seattle, Washington; St. Louis, Missouri; Washington, D.C. – as well as Asher Cottage (Asher House #8) on Arden Wood’s campus in San Francisco, exclusively for Christian Science Nursing Arts trainees and managed and maintained by Arden Wood.


Asher Student Foundation (ASF) supports and nurtures the daily practice of Christian Science by providing residential housing for Christian Scientists of all ages, including: current students and student interns enrolled in accredited graduate, undergraduate, degree and certificate programs; Christian Science nurse trainees and individuals taking Christian Science Class Instruction; and students transitioning from school to career. Additionally, ASF hosts and sponsors a variety of Christian Science organizations, speakers and activities that may include overnight housing for Christian Science participants.


Asher Student Foundation (ASF) is recognized as a key presence and collaborative partner in the Christian Science movement evidenced by its:

  • provision of housing for students who are Christian Scientists;
  • support of Christian Science related programming in local Asher houses;
  • engagement in local community service; and
  • flexibility to respond to newly identified and ASF mission-appropriate needs of the Christian Science community.

Asher Student Foundation is a nonprofit corporation serving Christian Scientists and does not receive government funding.