Arden Wood

Contact Information

Phone: (415) 681-5500
Phone: (800) 767-0003
Fax: (415) 379-2114

445 Wawona Street
San Francisco, CA 94116-3058

Services Offered

  • Independent Living
  • Variety of Services
  • 24 hr. Response
  • Meals
  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • Activities
  • Pets
  • Benevolence
  • Christian Science Nursing


Arden Wood’s history is filled with nearly eighty years of healing and regeneration. Founded in the late 1920’s, The First Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston, Massachusetts, The Mother Church, selected the current wooded site for a West Coast Christian Science nursing facility. Construction began in 1929, and the “Christian Science Benevolence Association on the Pacific Coast” opened in May of 1930 and was operated by The Mother Church. In 1973, the facility began operating as a private, non-profit organization with a local Board of Trustees. It then became known as the “Arden Wood Benevolent Association,” and later, “Arden Wood, Inc.”

Arden Wood’s mission is to support healing through skillful Christian Science nursing care and training, inspired living, and Christly service. In support of our mission, Arden Wood provides 24-hour nursing care 365 days a year. We also offer education for Christian Science nurses who serve in both facility and home care settings.

Another key element that supports our mission is our residential program. Arden Wood has become home to a number of Christian Science workers, who have devoted a significant portion of their lives to serving the Cause of Christian Science. Residential apartments are now available for rent, offering dedicated Christian Scientists a supportive, gracious environment in which to live. Lovely meals, weekly housekeeping services, helpful staff, beautiful gardens, woodland paths, fully-equipped libraries, metaphysical talks, Bible classes, and hymn sings make Arden Wood living unique and enjoyable. Our residential and recreational activities staff work daily to provide an atmosphere of support and a sense of home for each of our residents.

Helping to complete our mission is our Spiritual Renewal program. Arden Wood is known worldwide as a place to find spiritual rejuvenation, a place where Church members can come to refresh their thoughts and delve further into their study of Christian Science, unencumbered by daily activities or interruptions. Meeting space is available for Bible study workshops and Christian Science students’ Association meetings.

We would love to have you visit Arden Wood at any time! For more information about any of our services or programs please call us at one of the numbers above. You can also find us on the Internet.