About Us

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Founded in 1973 as a 501(c)(3) entity, the Organization of Residential Homes promotes and extends Christian Science by establishing and maintaining residential homes for Christian Scientists of retirement years.

Our original name was the Association of Residential Homes (Serving Christian Scientists). Through the years the name and purpose of the organization have evolved to what it is today: a group of Christian Science residential organizations who have joined together to provide a support network for member organizations and serve as a clearinghouse for those seeking information about a home for themselves or a loved one.

Unless otherwise indicated on an individual page, all of the member organizations represented here are not-for-profit 501(c)(3) entities. If an agency is for profit, it will be indicated on their individual site and identified as being proprietary.

The organization itself is a not-for-profit/no stock organization, registered in the state of Wisconsin, home to the founding group of individuals. We are governed by an Executive Committee, whose election takes place yearly at the organization’s annual meeting, held in the autumn of each year.


2020 Executive Committee

Ellen Anderson, Board Member of New Hampshire Home for Christian Scientists in Concord NH

ellenanderson@sonic.net – (951) 821-0821


Vice President
Lydia Manfreda, Executive Director at Glenmont in Columbus OH

lmanfreda@glenmontcsn.com – (614) 876-0084, ext 103.


Katherine Pennington, Administrator at Alta Vista Foundation in Santa Barbara, CA

orh.penningtonk@gmail.com – (805) 966-3516


Executive Coordinator
Dorothy Rico, Corinthian House in Campbell, CA

orh.execcoordinator@christiansciencehomes.org – (408) 966-0565